College Funding Planners


What You Need for College: Not Too Little, Not Too Much

How we help.

How to pay for college

With the ever-rising price of college and the highly publicized toll that loans are taking on students, many families are beginning to wonder whether they can afford to pay for college at all.  We believe that if college is right for your child then it is our privilege to help you figure out a way to pay for it... without damaging your retirement plans or harming your child's life after graduation.  

EFC reduction

If you have calculated your Expected Family Contribution (the government's say on how much you can afford to pay for college) or already have a child in college, you're likely not pleased with what you are expected to pay.  We agree!  We help families consider all of the factors involved in the EFC and identify ways to reduce the "bottom line" that colleges use to establish financial need.  

How avoid overpaying

This is the exciting part, especially for families who don't think they qualify for financial aid.  Countless families engage in the college funding process without knowing the "rules of the game" and end up paying thousands more each year for college than they need to.  We pride ourselves on working with families to identify areas of financial strength and protecting those valuable assets without sacrificing a quality college education.  

Cash flow management

Know how much you'll need to pay for college is one thing; knowing the best strategies for protecting your assets while your child is in college is another matter.  We work side-by-side with families to help them position assets and income within the context of college funding so that they can keep as much of their money as possible.  This essential service is offered year after year until the last child graduates.

Strategy and implementation

It's one thing to have a strategy and another to be able to walk it out along the way when circumstances change.  (Think about the difference between a travel agent and a tour guide.)  Our team is committed to each family not only when beginning the college funding process, but until its completion when the last child graduates.  Our planning works because we are there every step of the way.

Award appeals

There are two seasons of financial positioning in the college funding process: before you complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile and after you get financial aid award letters from colleges.  In some cases you'll need to appeal, and the award appeals process puts you in the driver's seat... provided you know how to communicate with colleges.  We work with families to ensure the best possible award. 

College Selection

Most families using four main criteria: academics, campus life, finances, and opportunities.  Hidden within the finances factor is a secret of college funding: College Generosity.  We help families select colleges that not only are academically reputable, but that offer the highest percentage of gift aid, which makes a big difference for college grads.