College Funding Planners
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college funding planners

Helping you pay for college while preserving your retirement


Providing comprehensive college funding planning for families

At College Funding Planners, we keep it simple: we help families plan and implement their college funding.  Nothing more, nothing less.

College funding is different than financial planning, accounting, investing, and many other related industries.  It requires an acute knowledge of the parameters and specifics of college financial aid, an awareness of the variety of financial and college selection situations families experience, and the commitment to see our strategies through to your youngest child's graduation.  We choose to be experts in this field because of the impact we can have: done well, college funding can be a foundation for a child's life; done poorly, it can hamper an entire family's financial options for decades.  We choose done well.

Learn more about us by perusing the site, or jump right to the contact page to set up an appointment.  We're looking forward to working with you.


Working with College Funding Planners made me feel like I was in charge of the process, not just holding on for dear life.
— Karen (mother of three)